Content of consent of candidates for work  

I hereby give consent to the processing of my personal data in connection with the recruitment process subject to the following conditions:

1. Administrator, i.e. entity responsible for the processing of my personal data is: Elektroplast sp. z o.o. headquartered in Stróża 1015, 32-431 Stróża.

2. The purpose of processing of my personal data is linked with the recruitment process.

3. The processing of my personal data shall be on the basis of consent (Art. 6 section 1 sub-section a of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 dated 27 April, 2016 – the so-called General Data Protection Regulation).

4. My personal data shall be archived until conclusion of the current recruitment process and any subsequent recruitment processes however not longer than for 6 months of the date of this consent. Throughout this period, I shall have the right to:

     a) obtain Administrator’s confirmation regarding my personal data processing and access to the data,

     b) require that the Administrator should rectify my personal data which are incorrect or to supplement them if incomplete,

     c) require restriction of data processing for the period enabling verification of data correctness by Administrator,

     d) withdraw the consent and require  immediate erasure of the data,

     e) be provided with my personal data and require their provision by the current Administrator to another Administrator.

5. Should I deem the personal data not to be processed in an adequate manner or to be processed in the manner inconsistent with the purpose stated above, I shall have the right to lodge a complaint concerning data processing to the supervisory authority (President of the Personal Data Protection Office).


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