Corrugated tubes blue


Double-layered corrugated tubes to the ground (QRK FLEX) are designed to protect cables laid in the ground in open trenches. Thanks to the corrugated double-layer construction, they have a high compressive strength and meet the requirements for the protective pipes specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure dated 26 October 2005.

             Cat. No              Product size       Lenght of roll in linear meters    
  04.25                                        Diam. 40 mm 450N QRK 40 FLEX                                50 m
  04.26                                        Diam. 50 mm 450N QRK 50 FLEX                                25 m i 50 m
  04.27                                        Diam. 75 mm 250N QRK 75 FLEX                                25 m
  04.28                                        Diam. 110 mm 250N QRK 110 FLEX                                25 m