We offer our clients only durable electrical installation equipment, manufactured with the use of modern technology.

Our range of products includes, among others:

  • straight, corrugated, halogen-free and double-layered pipes
  • installation CTS, CTS HF, wood-like trunking
  • connection and lightning protection systems - they consist of pipes, connectors, brackets and clamps
  • high power equipment and fittings for connecting wires
  • switchboards and measurement-distribution boards, as well as a number of accessories, lighting fixtures and tools.

All our products are the result of 30 years of experience in the production of vaeious elements protecting and supporting the operation of electrical installations. All materials meet the required norms and standards.

Feel free to browse our range of products and contact us - our team will advise you and help you make your choice. 


  • PP corrugated tubes
    PP corrugated tubes

    We produce flexible and light corrugated PP pipes. The offer includes transparent, coloured protective pipes, as well as pipes dedicated to heating systems.

  • PE corrugated tubes
    PE corrugated tubes

    The corrugated PE pipes used in the automotive industry protect the electric cables against moisture or mechanical damage. We can offer a number of different sizes of this product - both in a complete and cut versions.

  • PVC corrugated tubes
    PVC corrugated tubes

    Protective pipes, i.e. corrugated pipes covered by this category, are made of polyvinyl chloride. We offer a number of different sizes of these materials.

  • Photovoltaics

    RKSG/PV conduits and switchgears in this category are used in Photovoltaic and solar installations. In this way, they support solutions on the electricity and Energy market.

  • Corrugated pipes - machine
    Corrugated pipes - machine

    These conduits are intended for protection and protection wires or cables in static applications and rail vehicles. They can also be used in wheeled vehicles, machines, signaling and closed-circuit television.

  • Halogen-free corrugated tubes
    Halogen-free corrugated tubes

    For various public buildings, we recommend halogen-free corrugated pipes. They are highly durable and resistant to external conditions and mechanical impact.

  • Fittings for rigid tubes
    Fittings for rigid tubes

    Among the products we recommend, there is a durable rigid pipe fitting. We offer, among others, elbows, connectors and handles - of various types and in many sizes.

  • Mounting slats CTS
    Mounting slats CTS

    CTS HS halogen-free, standard CTS or wood-like trunking - we offer different types of installation trunking. We manufacture it from durable plastic, thanks to which it is characterized by high resistance and durability.

  • Fittings for mounting slats
    Fittings for mounting slats

    In addition to a wide range of installation trunking, we also offer special accessories, such as straight and angled connectors, brackets, external and internal corners and end-pieces - all in many different sizes.

  • Outlet boxes
    Outlet boxes

    A very important element of electrical installations is the selection of appropriate protective boxes. We provide surface-mounted and recessed models, as well as models appropriate for empty walls, all meeting the required standards.

  • Straight rigid tubes
    Straight rigid tubes

    High resistance to abrasion, cracking and moisture - this is how you can briefly describe rigid straight pipes from our offer. We sell RL/RS (also single-socket) and RLHF/RSHF variants.

  • Double-layer tubes
    Double-layer tubes

    Double-layer pipes from our offer, designed for installation in places with low mechanical load, compression-resistant, are offered in various sizes. We also sell special QZK fittings suitable for these elements.

  • Connection system
    Connection system

    For securing insulated cables or wires, we recommend connecting elements covered by this category. The system consists of, among others, pipes, one- and two-socket elbows, simple couplers or handles in various sizes.

  • Lightning protection system
    Lightning protection system

    We have a diverse offer of lightning protection system components. We offer, among others, rigid, insulating RSO pipes, straight fittings, elbows, handles and pipe clamps.

  • Power accessories
    Power accessories

    The plugs and sockets we offer are resistant to the effects of mechanical stresses and thermal changes. The offered high-power equipment is available in several sizes.

  • Lighting fittings
    Lighting fittings

    The available light fixtures from the range of our products will help to properly transform and filter light streams. We offer round, oval variants, as well as plafonds.

  • Switchgears

    We offer surface-mounted and recessed RNO, RNT and RNTO-type switchboards, as well as RN Fala and SRn models, which allow for the installation of, for example, residual current devices.

  • Other assortment
    Other assortment

    Different coloured marking foils, advertising boards, standard telephone plugs and sockets, as well as clamping straps or quick-release clamps in various sizes - these products form a part of our other products.

  • Auxiliary accessories
    Auxiliary accessories

    Our auxiliary tools include special shears for cutting pipes and hoses made of plastic. They allow for precise and fast operation in various conditions.

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