We have been supplying our customers with the highest quality electrical installation equipment, meeting all the standards and requirements, for about 30 years. Our range of products includes corrugated pipes of various types (PVC, PP, PE, double-layer and other), installation boxes and trunking, halogen-free materials, as well as connection and lightning protection systems. We also offer various accessories including light fixtures, extension cords, switchboards or products dedicated to heating systems. The electrical installation equipment manufactured by our company is a result of combination of the capabilities of our machine facilities and the knowledge of our experienced staff. Thanks to this, the produced blocks, boxes, corrugated pipes and accessories are characterized by precision of production, functionality and safety. You can trust our many years of experience and Polish, high quality - check out our extensive offer.

Special offer




Corrugated PVC pipes

We offer very durable PVC corrugated pipes, which are perfect for laying electrical installation cables in dry or wet construction. We are capable of manufacturing these materials in many different sizes.


Installation trunking

Popular cover for electrical or telecommunications cables is constituted by special installation trunking. It works great both inside and outside. We offer CTS HF or wood-like variants. All are made of durable and solid PVC.


Installation boxes

Surface-mounted, recessed or for empty walls - we offer various types of installation boxes. They are an indispensable element when installing electric wires. We offer a number of different options, such as those with screws, junction boxes with clamps or hermetic types.


High-power accessories

We also offer specialized high-power equipment, which consists of special sockets and plugs. Depending on the model, it comes in different sizes and has 4 or 5 built-in pins. Each model is resistant to changes of temperature and mechanical stress, making it ideal for many industries.